Yuvika Singhal

is an economist with almost 13 years of experience in India economic research with specialisation in empirical work in macroeconomy and public policy. Prior to joining QuantEco Research, she has worked with YES Bank and ICICI Bank in close association especially with the Treasury teams catering to clients across multinationals, large domestic corporates, government bodies and ministries.

At QuantEco Research, Yuvika regularly presents to clients on the India economic and financial market outlook. She has significant expertise as an econometrician and readily extends her core competency in macroeconomics to interdisciplinary work such as credit risk assessment, forecasting, among others.

Yuvika frequently shares her views on Indian economy with domestic & international media houses. She holds an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Economics from SRCC and the Delhi School of Economics respectively. She represented India at the 2013 Economics International Visitors Leadership Program in US. She recently received the “Global Women Leadership Award” for 2022

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